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Coram and Family Childcare: Welsh holiday childcare bill twice that of term time childcare, 15/07/2019 [W/E/S/N.I.]


Coram Family and Childcare have published their annual survey of holiday childcare costs, the Holiday Childcare Survey 2019.

The survey examines the changes in holiday childcare costs from last year, and compared with term time costs, across the UK.

In Wales, the average holiday cost of childcare was £130, twice that of after-school clubs during term time.

The average estimated cost was £778 for the whole six weeks of the holiday, £486 times more than term time.

Local authorities in Wales were also reporting that they did not have enough holiday childcare for all the parents in their area who work full time.

Compared to last year, Wales’ average childcare cost per week had risen 2%. Wales’ child care costs were lower than England, and the cost for the whole of Great Britain, but not lower than Scotland.