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Children’s Future Food Enquiry – Final report, 25/04/2019 [W]


The Children’s Future Food Inquiry launched its final report in London on 25 April 2019.

The report focuses on pre-school settings, school and home environments, and examines the policies and programmes in place to ensure children are able to eat well across the UK.

Lack of support for breastfeeding, access to free meals and policies not reaching those in need were highlighted as issues in the early years, while issues around free school meals, the cost of healthier food and the disadvantages facing low income families were problems for school aged children. At home, the cost of convenient and healthy food, constant promotion of unhealthy food and healthy food ‘deserts’ during holidays were raised as barriers to eating well.

The report concludes that the odds are stacked against low income-families trying to feed their families well, even though they want to give their children healthy meals. Cost of living has risen and a healthy diet is beyond the reach of many, and less convenient than less healthy food, which is heavily marketed to children. Children living in poverty are eligible for vastly different provision and services.

The report calls for systematic leadership in all four nations of the UK, and minimum standards for food provision.

You can download the full report from the Found Foundation website.