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Child Poverty Action Group: The Cost of a Child in 2017


The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) have published their report, The Cost of a Child in 2017, the sixth in the series of reports that tracks the minimum cost of raising a child.

The report basis its calculation on the Minimum Income Standard, which tells us what members of the public think are the essential items that every family should be able to afford.

Inflation and a freeze to the benefits that families can receive are making it harder for families to meet the rising cost of children, the report says.

The basic cost of a child from birth, to age 18, excluding housing, childcare and council tax, is £75,436 for a couple family and £102,627 for a lone-parent family. Including those costs, it rises to £155,142 and £187,120 respectively.

Another key finding was that “The cost of raising children is rising but, for the first time in decades, support for families is not keeping pace.”

To read the report in full or other key findings, please visit the Child Poverty Action Group.