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Changes to the Child Support Agency case closure programme


The Department for Work and Pensions is seeking views on a proposed end date for all Child Support Agency (CSA) cases that still have liabilities.

The UK Government introduced the new statutory child maintenance scheme, run by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) in 2014. In June 2014, the closure of CSA cases began. Due to regulations in the way that cases of the CSA are closed, there are general principles to which cases are selected for closure and the order that they’re closed in. The primary aim is to minimise the risk of child maintenance payment disruption in existing cases.

The current date for the end of the transition period is the 31 December 2017. This proposal would amend the date to the 31 December 2018. The rationale for this is that a change of department priorities has made the extension necessary.

The consultation ends on the 14 September 2017.

To respond to the consultation, you can visit the UK Government website, here.