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Assembly Committee opens inquiry into Education Otherwise than at School, 17/07/2019 [W]


The National Assembly for Wales’ Children, Young People and Education Committee has opened an inquiry into the range of Education Otherwise than at School (EOTAS) provision. This will include Pupil Referral Units.

EOTAS means education that’s provided to meet the needs of a pupil who can’t attend mainstream school. Local authorities are legally responsible for providing these services.

The Committee wants to know what support is available for children who are at risk of being provided with EOTAS, including through exclusions from mainstream schools.

They also want to know how well parents are supported through the EOTAS process. They want to know how the rates of children and young people with particular needs vary, for example if they have special educational needs, or if they are eligible for free school meals, and what effect that might have.

The inquiry will also cover a number of other areas, and these are in full on the National Assembly for Wales’s website.

If you are interested in responding, you can do so at the link above. You have until 18 October 2019, to provide evidence.