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Assembly Commission opens consultation on National Assembly for Wales reform proposals


The Assembly Commission of the National Assembly for Wales has produced a consultation on the recommendations made by the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform.

The recommendations were made as part of the Expert Panel’s report “A Parliament that Works for Wales.”

The Expert Panel recommended, among other things, that the Assembly needs between 20 and 30 more Members, a more proportional electoral system with diversity at its heart, and that the voting age should be lower to include sixteen and seventeen year olds.

The Assembly Commission has set up a microsite dedicated to the consultation. There you can read the proposals and make your response by filling in an online survey. You can choose to respond to all the questions, or just those that interest you. You can also email your completed consultation form to: assemblycommission.consutlations@assembly.wales

The consultation runs from the 12 February 2018 to the 06 April 2018, and more information about regional consultation events will be coming soon.

You can respond on the microsite here, or read more here.

To read the Assembly Commission’s statement in full, please visit the National Assembly for Wales website.