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Adoption UK publishes its Adoption Barometer, 02/07/2019 [W]


Adoption UK have published their research, called the Adoption Barometer, into the experiences of adoptive families across the UK and how it compared with government policy.

Adoption UK surveyed 3,500 families across the UK, and asked them what their experiences were during 2018.

Although almost three quarters (70%) of families said that they faced ‘a continual struggle for support’, 79% of families would encourage others to adopt.

The report says that although there have been some positive changes, government policy is not tackling the main problems adoptive families have.

At the end of the report, Adoption UK makes a call for a new deal for adoptive families. The deal focuses on getting the right support for families and their children.

You can download the full report and a summary from the Adoption UK website.