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Welsh Government supports project to hear the views of children and young people on Brexit, 19/03/18 [W]

Children (aged 0-19) represent a quarter of the population of Wales. The implications of Brexit will affect them for longer than for the adults who took the decision to leave the European Union.

It is only right that the views of children and young people are considered by government during these important negotiations.  We are therefore very pleased that Welsh Government is providing some resources for children and young people to have their views heard on this issue.

Catriona Williams OBE, Chief Executive of Children in Wales said:

 “Our ‘Young Wales’ programme aims to increase the participation of children and young people in influencing the development of Welsh Government policies.  We already know from them that that they are really keen to have their views heard at this critical time in relation to negotiations over Brexit as it will be their futures which will be particularly affected. 

 “We, in Children in Wales, are therefore delighted that Welsh Government has listened to the young people and has granted funding for this important task which recognises the importance of implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, here in Wales.”

Children have benefited from EU enactments including migration, child protection, health and safety and access to social and economic rights. Funding from the EU also helps disadvantaged communities in Wales. However, to date there has been very little discussion about how Brexit will affect children and young people, even though they are the people who will have to live with the consequences.

Issues for concern include the erosion of Fundamental Rights, undermining social cohesion and loss of funding to deprived regions and to programmes for educational exchanges.


To find out more or to arrange an interview, please contact Catriona Williams OBE on 029 2034 2434 or email catriona.williams@childreninwales.org.uk  A young person who is chair of the Young Wales project board is also available


  1. Children in Wales is the national umbrella organisation for people who work with children and young people in Wales. Our core aim is to contribute towards making the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) a reality in Wales.
  1. Young Wales is the participation initiative at Children in Wales. You can find out more at youngwales.wales
  1. You can download our briefing paper on Brexit and Children’s Rights at https://www.childreninwales.org.uk/news/news-archive/brexit-childrens-rights-wales-briefing-paper-311017-w/ You can also keep up with developments in Brexit and Children’s Rights by following developments on our website, here, and by following the hashtag #BrexitCYPWales on twitter.