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A focus on the role of programmes to support parents, 10/09/14 [W]

A wide range of researchers, managers of family support services, and parenting programme facilitators, will meet in Cardiff on Wednesday to discuss the best ways that services can support parents.  Delegates meeting at Children in Wales’ Parents Week conference will have the opportunity to hear from a range of experts about the key messages from research and the ingredients of successful parenting programmes.  The conference will also be addressed by Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty, Vaughan Gething AM, who will discuss the Welsh Government’s approach to parenting support, and launch new Welsh Government guidance on supporting and engaging parents.  Participants will be invited to share their knowledge and experiences through discussions and workshops.


The emphasis of the conference will be on sharing knowledge about what works and also about how to collaborate with other family support initiatives with the vision that parents in Wales have access to high quality, joined up and bespoke parenting support services.


Research has shown that good parenting is key for children and that parenting programmes have long term benefits for both parents and children.  As Catriona Williams OBE, Chief Executive of Children in Wales explains, “Everyone knows that parenting is a very difficult job.  It’s even harder when parents don’t have the support they need.  Parents find themselves constantly having to handle different situations as their children grow and develop.  Parenting programmes have been shown to help many parents to understand the different stages that their children are going through and to give them confidence to handle different situations.


Support for parents is particularly vital for the many families in Wales who are struggling because of economic hardship.  Life for these families can be very stressful on a day to day basis making parenting more difficult.  Research has shown that good parenting can help children break out of a cycle of deprivation, and so it is really important to ensure that good parenting programmes, based on the evidence of what works, are available to all families that need them.  It is also vitally important that those who provide these services are working well with other services e.g. schools, community workers, health workers, social workers and those offering information and advice.”



  1. The      conference, Early Intervention and Parenting – strengthening the      contribution of parenting support services, will take place on      Wednesday, 10th September 2014, 9.30am – 4pm, at Future Inn, Cardiff      Bay.  Speakers include:

Vaughan Gething AM, Deputy Minister for Tackling Poverty

Kirsten Asmussen, Evidence Analyst at the Early Intervention Foundation.

Dr John Coleman, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University

Gail Bennett, Flintshire CC and Chair of National Parenting Coordinators’ Network.

Shelley Davies, Senior Strategic Partnership Manager, Powys CYPP

Dr. Sue Evans, Consultant Child Psychologist, Powys Teaching Health Board

Angela Davies, Director, Creative Parent Engagement UK

John Poyner, Connecting Communities Manager, Caerphilly County Borough Council


  1. Children      in Wales is the national umbrella organisation for third sector,      statutory, independent and professional organisations and individuals who      work with children and young people in Wales. www.childreninwales.org.uk.      Children in Wales was established in March 1992 and became a registered      charity in 1993.  It aims to promote the interests of children, to      improve services in Wales and to put children high on the Welsh      agenda.  We work closely with our members who comprise professionals,      policy makers and consumer groups to improve the lives of all children      living in Wales, but especially young children, those affected by family      instability, disabled children and those suffering the effects of poverty      and deprivation.  We collect and disseminate information about      children and promote good practice in children’s services through      research, policy and practice development, publications, conferences,      seminars, training and access to an extensive library and information      service.  Children in Wales has offices in Cardiff and Caernarfon.


  1. For      more information about attending the event or to organise an interview      please contact: Lian Williams, Tel 029 20342434, e-mail: lian.williams@childreninwales.org.uk