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Young people’s views on Brexit: Consultation with young people by Young Wales, 05/12/18 [W]

A report by Young Wales, commissioned by the Welsh Government, has shown that children and young people in Wales are concerned that they have not had their voices heard in the process of Britain leaving the European Union, and that they have worries about their futures following Brexit.

The Welsh Government commissioned Young Wales to undertake a consultation with young people in the spring of 2018. This was done through workshops, online tools including a survey and Instagram polls, and a Brexit Question Time event. Over 700 children and young people took part overall.

The study found that primary school children were most concerned with environmental issues, the Welsh language, their communities and financial impact of Brexit.

Secondary school students were concerned about the environment, opportunities to study abroad, human rights, and health and well-being

Youth settings found that those involved were concerned about education, the NHS, freedom of movement, and engagement in political discussions. Support for farmers was a particular issues for the Young Farmers groups and those from north Wales.

Brexit has caused a number of young people to take more interest in politics, and the young people said they would like to have a say in the discussions about Brexit, as well as expressing frustration that they were denied a say in a vote that will affect their futures.

You can download the report here: Young Wales Brexit Report to Welsh Government 19.11.18