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Welsh Government takes next steps to protect children from physical punishment, 25/03/19 [W]

The Welsh Government has introduced a new law to the National Assembly for Wales, that would protect children from physical punishment if passed by the Assembly.

The law, which builds on the Welsh Government’s commitment to children’s rights, will mean that parents and adults acting in a parental capacity will be no longer be able to punish children physically.

The Children (Abolition of Defence of Reasonable Punishment) (Wales) Bill will mean that children have the same protection from assault and battery as adults. Currently, there is a defence in law for parents punishing their children.

Recent research shows that attitudes are changing to be against physical punishment of children; and the law is intended to further promote more positive parenting methods.

The legislation will be followed up with an awareness raising campaign.

You can find out more on the Welsh Government website. You can also follow the progress of the Bill on the National Assembly website.