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Welsh Government published Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation

The Welsh Government published the Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD) on Wednesday, 27 November 2019.

The Index is a measurement of relative deprivation in Wales. It divides Wales into 1,909 small areas (known as Lower Super Output Areas – LSOAs) and provides information on the levels of eight types of deprivation in each of the areas – income, employment, health, education, access to services, housing, physical environment and community safety.

WIMD can be used to tell which areas are the most deprived, or compare the relative deprivation of small areas. It can’t be used to quantify how deprived a small area is, or how much more than another – the difference between ranks can be large or small.

You can access the Index and its data on the Welsh Government website. The Welsh Government have also made an announcement about the Index’s release, stating that they’re resolute in tackling poverty.