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Upcoming Assembly Business relevant to children and young people, 10/12/07 [W]

Assembly committees and plenary business taking place in the week ahead relevant to children and young people:

Tuesday 11th December 2007


  • Proposed Vulnerable Children LCO Committee


Questions to the First Minister

  • Homelessness Levels
  • Bullying among children
  • Child poverty
  • Debt poverty
  • Social workers

Statements and debates

  • Debate on the draft budget

Wednesday 12th December 2007


  • Enterprise and Learning Committee


Questions to the Minister for Heritage

  • Participation in Sports
  • Community participation in the arts
  • Public libraries

Questions to the Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing

  • Homelessness Legislation
  • Fuel poverty

Questions to the Minister for Social Justice and Local Government

  • Social inclusion in Mid Wales
  • Domestic abuse
  • Alcohol abuse in Mid Wales
  • Community facility and activities grant
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Substance misuse
  • Child poverty

Debates and Statements

  • Debate on the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales’ Annual Report 2006/07
  • Debate on small schools
  • Debate on Specialist Nurses and allied professions
  • Short debate: A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Thursday 13th December 2007


  • Children and Young People Committee

Full details available on the National Assembly for Wales website.