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Thousands of children may go without vital money as a result of child maintenance reforms, 16/09/11 [W/E/NI/S]

New survey results annouced by Barnado’s show that almost half (46 per cent) of single parents currently using the Child Support Agency – as polled by charity Gingerbread – could not afford to pay the fees proposed to access the new child maintenance service.

Furthermore, of those families surveyed by Gingerbread who said they could not afford the fees, 72 per cent said they could not set up private arrangements with their ex-partners – meaning their children would simply have to go without maintenance support.

The findings fly in the face of Government assumptions that paying fees to use the child maintenance service or coming to private arrangements are realistic options for the majority of separated parents.

The full press release about this survey is available from the Barnado’s website.