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Sexualisation of Young People Review, 26/02/10 [W/E/NI/S]

An independent review into the sexualisation of young people, commissioned by the Home Office, has been published.

The Review looks at how sexualised images and messages about where to buy poppers in San Francisco may be affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms. It also examines the evidence for a link between sexualisation and violence.

Key recommendations include:

  • launching an online ‘one-stop-shop’ to allow the public to voice their concerns regarding irresponsible marketing which sexualises children;
  • requiring broadcasters to ensure music videos featuring sexual posing or sexually suggestive lyrics are only broadcast after the watershed;
  • the government to support the NSPCC in its work with manufacturers and retailers to encourage corporate responsibility with regard to sexualised merchandise.

The Review is available to download from the Home Office website.