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New Health and Social Care legislation – Quality, candour, a new citizens’ voice body and the appointment of NHS Trust vice-chairs, 17/06/2019 [W]

Vaughan Gething AM, Minister for Health and Social Services has introduced new health and social care legislation to the National Assembly for Wales.

The new legislation is called the Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill.

The Bill’s four main purposes are to strengthen the duty of quality on NHS bodies, establish a duty of candour, replace community health councils with an all-Wales Citizen Voice Body and allow the appointment of NHS Trust vice-chairs.

In a written statement, the Minister said that the duty of quality would make improving services an important, transparent part of making decisions about health and social care in Wales.

The duty of candour will provide a set process for telling the people who are affected when something has gone wrong during their care. The aim is to promote a culture of openness in healthcare to encourage organisations to learn from incidents and improve the service.

The new Citizens’ Voice Body will replace existing community health councils. It will provide help and advice to people making complaints about health and social services, and represent the views of the public.

NHS Trusts can already appoint vice chairs, but at the moment their roles are limited. The new Bill will expand their capacities, allowing them to do more work in the trusts.

If passed, the Bill will become law in summer 2020.