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Identifying health and well-being research priorities for children 0 – 7 years, 13/08/2019 [W]

Public Health Wales has produced a survey to help inform their research priorities over the next ten years.

The survey, aimed at professionals and non-professionals alike, aims to identify key areas that affect the health and well-being outcomes of children from during pregnancy to seven years old.

Public Health Wales will use this information to identify gaps in their current knowledge on the best outcomes for this group of children. With the gaps identified, Public Health Wales will create a research agenda for the next 10 years which addresses the gaps.

The survey should take about ten minutes to complete, and there is more information about the survey on its landing page. The survey is available in:

The survey will be available until the first week of October.

For more information, please contact Michael Seaborne, Knowledge Exchange Officer at Public Health Wales.