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Child Death Review report published, 12/07/13 [W]

Public Health Wales has produced its first Annual Report examining data on child deaths in Wales.

The Child Death Review Annual Report 2013 is produced as part of the Child Death Review Programme, which aims to identify patterns in causes of child death in order to make reccommendations for reducing their incidence.

The research includes deaths of children who are live born, where the death occurred after 1 October 2009 and before the child’s 18th birthday and where the child is either normally resident in Wales or dies within Wales.

It was found that during 2011, 222 deaths of children were registered in Wales. The death rate for children in Wales remains largely unchanged over the previous decade. Most deaths (61%) occur under the age of one year; just over half of the remaining deaths (20%) occur between 12 and 17 years.

A separate report focusing on teenage motorists has also been published. Thematic review of deaths of teenagers in motor vehicles 2006-2010 analysed data involving 45 crashes, 90 casualties and 28 deaths.

Both of these reports and further infomation on the Child Death Review programme can be found on the Public Health Wales website.