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Calls for youth voice to be heard in the new regulatory body for the press, 29/11/12 [W/E/S/NI]

The Report of the Leveson Inquiry into media practice and ethics was published on 29 November 2012.  The report called for a new  independent regulatory body for the press to be established.  This body should take an active role in promoting high standards, including having the power to investigate serious breaches and sanction newspapers.

Children in Wales is a supporter of the #Presschange4youth a UK wide campaign calling for fair press for children & young people, led by the Youth Media Agency.  The Youth Media Agency led on a submission to the Leveson Inquiry calling  for more balanced reporting and a more accessible Press Complaints Commission.  The campaign is now calling for young people must be involved in the construction and delivery of the new Standards Code and the new committee that will ensure it is upheld for the new regulatory body.

For more information visit the Youth Media Agency’s website: http://www.youthmediaagency.org.uk/levesonyouthvoice/