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Hi, I’m Jesse and I’m 11 years old – I’m also a young carer who looks after my mother, 25/01/17 [W]

Jesse Ormond is a typical 11 year old boy who likes having fun like playing football with his friends or watching his favourite films on TV. He is also a young carer who, along with his 8 year old sister Layla, looks after his visually impaired mother. To mark Young Carers Awareness Day (26th January) Jesse has been talking about his experience of being a young carer and how Action for Children helps him and Layla.

Jesse and Layla from Pembroke Dock have been young carers for four years since their mother developed her condition and have been supported by Action for Children’s Pembrokeshire Young Carers service for a year.

Jesse said: ‘Since our mum became visually impaired, my sister, Layla and I look after her as much as we can every day. We sort out the washing, load and unload the dishwasher and make our own breakfasts in the morning before school. I also guide mum around town, helping her with her shopping and make sure she gets to her hospital appointments in Haverfordwest safely. This can take a lot of time and sometimes I get home just before bedtime but I’m ok with it.

‘The young carers group is really good because I get to go to Oakwood! I get a bit more time to play so it’s a big break for me. So if anyone else is in my position, it’s really important to see if there’s any help available like we get from Pembrokeshire Young Carers.’

Vikki Booth, who runs the Pembroke Dock young carers group for Action for Children said: ‘Jesse and Layla are fabulous children who do so much for their mum. Their attitude is wonderful and supporting them is a pleasure. They’re always pleased to have a break with us and mix with other children who have similar responsibilities.

‘There are many young people in the county who care for someone at home and go unrecognised. We look after 118 it is estimated there are 1000 young carers in Pembrokeshire. Young Carers Awareness Day is a perfect opportunity to highlight the support these young people and we want all young carers in the county to be identified early, receive the support they need and be recognised for the unpaid care they provide.’

For more information on Pembrokeshire Young Carers please go to www.pembsyc.org.uk/.

For further information, please call Alastair Love on 02920 347068 or email Alastair.Love@actionforchildren.org.uk.