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Practice Development

Children in Wales supports practitioners in a range of children’s settings throughout Wales by supporting the exchange of information about practice.  We do this in a number of ways:

Forums and networks

Children in Wales facilitates a broad range of professional networks which bring members together to discuss policy and practice issues.  These forums enable professionals to exchange ideas about good and promising practice.  In some cases professionals who carry out similar roles in different local authority areas are able to meet and discuss how they have tackled common issues.


Children in Wales organises a vast range of conferences, seminars and workshops for practitioners working in the children’s sector in Wales.  These events enable participants to learn about practice used in a variety of projects, as well as research relating to effective practice.  In particular we hold regular seminars on topics relating to family support and parenting and disability.


Children in Wales’ training programme supports practitioners with their practice on a wide variety of issues. Training is available both through our advertised training programme or as in-house commissioned training.  Practice issues covered by our training programme include safeguarding, incorporating children’s rights into practice, working with significant males, combating bullying and accident prevention.


Children in Wales has provided a variety of resources to help with practice development.  These include web-based resources such as the Participation Workers Network Wales website which provide information about a range of practice examples for supporting practitioners to enable children and young people to have a say in decisions affecting them.  We also produce publications, which provide practice examples, such as Child Safety in Wales Examples of Interventions in Practice, and provide regular features about practice examples in our quarterly magazine.