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Booklets and Leaflets

This section provides details of booklets and leaflets of interest to those working with children and young people.



Parenting. Give it time: Early Years Information Pathway

A resource from the Welsh Government’s parenting initiative, ‘Parenting. Give…


Play Wales publications 2016

During 2016, Play Wales have produced and circulated a variety…


Understanding how your child’s school is performing, 21/01/15 [W]

This information leaflet is aimed at parents and carers, and…


Bringing Fathers In: free resources for advocates, practitioners and researchers, 05/12/14 [W/E/NI/S]

The Fatherhood Institute has  developed a series of information resource sheets to…


Reduce the risk of cot death, 20/03/14 [W]

This leaflet gives advice on reducing the risks of cot…


Funding and Information: Assistance for the Arts, 10/01/14 [W]

This guide was produced by the National Assembly for Wales.


Funding and Information: Assistance for Sport in Wales – Constituent factsheet, 10/01/14 [W]

This guide was produced by the National Assembly for Wales Research Service.


Sexual Exploitation: Sex, Secrets and Lies, 31/10/13 [W/E/NI/S]

This booklet, made by Barnardo’s, explains the risks that young people face and ways of keeping safe.


School Organisation Proposals – information for children and young people, 04/10/13 [W]

This leaflet from the Welsh Government gives information aimed at children and young people on school organisation proposals.


How was school today? Parents’ and carers’ guide to Primary / Secondary School, 11/03/13 [W]

This is the Welsh Government’s guide for parents and carers, with information to help them take an active part in their child’s education.