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This page provides details about current consultations which impact on children and young people in Wales.  Details of closed consultations can be obtained by using the advanced search facility.



Online abuse and the experience of disabled people 14/08/2018 [W/E/S/N.I.]

The House of Parliament Petitions Committee has opened a consultation…


Impact of the Social Care and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 on carers in Wales, 14/08/2018 [W]

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee has opened a…


Autism (Wales) Bill general principles consultation, 14/08/2018 [W]

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is consulting on…


Welsh Government seeks views on proposals to reduce Wales’ emissions, 18/07/2018 [W]

The Welsh Government has opened a consultation on their new…


The Charity Digital Code of Practice Consultation, 03/07/18 [W]

The steering group of the Charity Digital Code of Practice…


Food and nutrition in childcare settings, 27/06/18 [W]

The Welsh Government is consulting on draft guidance to support…


Eligibility for free school meals, 06/06/18 [W]

The Welsh Government is consulting on proposals to amend the…


Children, Young People and Education Committee launch Welsh Baccalaureate inquiry, 06/07/18 [W]

The National Assembly for Wales Committee on Children, Young People…


Bil Rhentu Cartrefi (Ffïoedd etc.)(Cymru), 15/06/18 [C]

Mae Pwyllgor Cydraddoldeb, Llywodraeth Leol a Chymunedau Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru…