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Well-being of Wales 2017-2018: What do we know about children’s well-being? 20/09/2018 [W]


The Welsh Government has published the annual Well-being of Wales report, an update on the progress that Wales has made towards the achievement of the 7 well-being goals.

In addition to comparing the well-being against the 46 national indicators for Wales, a summary report for the well-being of children has also been published. It does not provide additional analysis, but instead draws together the analysis for children’s well-being in one place.

The report makes a variety of findings, on health, attainment in schools, poverty, participation in the arts and the rates of Welsh speaking children and young people in Wales.

You can download the report on children’s well-being here. You can read the entirety of the Well-being of Wales 2017-18 report here.