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UK Poverty 2017


For the first time since the publication of their Strategy to Solve Poverty in 2016, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published the UK Poverty 2017 report.

The report is an examination of the poverty rates in the UK and how they have changed over the past two decades.

The report highlights the dramatic reduction in poverty over the past 20 years among pensioners and certain types of families with children, who were traditionally most at risk.

‘That progress is beginning to unravel,’ the Foundation says, ‘poverty rates for both groups have started to rise again’.

The report attributes three causes to the increasing rate of poverty; state support for low-income families falling in real terms, rising rents and less help for low-income renters and falling home ownership, and the fact that the continued rise in employment is no longer reducing poverty.

To read the findings of the report and the report itself in full, please visit the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website.