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Public Health White Paper, 02/04/14 [W]


This Welsh Government White Paper proposes a series of measures aimed at improving public health in Wales.

This follows the Green Paper on a Public Health Bill which was published in 2012, which looked at how public health can be improved in Wales.

The measures put forward in the paper include:

  • introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol, to reduce the health harms associated with alcohol misuse;
  •  restricting the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places, to support the enforcement of the smoking ban;
  •  establishing a tobacco retailers’ register, with tougher penalties for those that sell to under 18s;
  •  requiring local authorities to develop a strategy on toilets for public use; and
  • introducing a national register of providers of cosmetic piercing, tattooing and other special procedures, to improve regulation and set specific standards.

The consultation will look into how these measures could help to meet health targets.


You can download the White Paper from the Welsh Government website. Consultation ends: 24/06/14.