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Net Aware Report 2017: “Freedom to express myself safely”


The NSPCC has published the Net Aware Report 2017.

In 2015 NSPCC launched the Net Aware tool to provide useful information about sites, apps and games. It is updated yearly and key findings are published in the Net Aware Report.

Key findings in the report include that young people are motivated by enjoyment in their use of online services. They value opportunities for fun, communication, self-expression and online autonomy.

There were negatives experiences too, however. Primary risks included interaction with strangers and inappropriate content, such as violence and hatred, sexual content, and bullying.

The report recommends that platforms do more to protect young users online and that parents and carers also have an important role to play.

The Net Aware service can be accessed through their website and Net Aware 2017 can be read in full and downloaded from the NSPCC site, here.