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Migrant households in Wales, 04/02/16 [W]


The Migration Service in Wales project has published the second of three migration trends reports.

This report provides an overview of non-UK born households in Wales, with a focus on variations across local areas as well as national comparisons with migrant households in England. Data was gathered from the 2011 Census to highlight key characteristics of non-UK born people living in Wales. Information was sought on family composition of residents in private households, household size, home ownership and information on those living in non-private or institutional establishments.

The report also looks at trends in the number and share of non-UK born residents living in private households in Wales over a ten year period, between 2004 and 2014. Data was collected on the number of people in receipt of asylum related accommodation in Wales and/or financial support.

To access the full report please visit the Welsh Refugee Council website.