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Making Life Impossible: How the needs of destitute migrant children are going unmet, 27/04/16 [W, E, S, NI]


The Children’s Society has published a report into the circumstances and experiences of migrant families seeking support under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

The immigration status of a child or their parents can affect every area of their lives, often leading to destitution and precarious circumstances. Under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989, local authorities have a duty to support ‘children in need’ living in their area, for many migrant families this duty can be the only opportunity they have to feed and shelter themselves and their families. This is particularly true for those whose status affects their right to work in the UK.

The report identified a number of complex drivers for destitution, such as domestic violence, and the acute needs of these children who often live in highly risky and potentially exploitative situations. Despite their need, migrant families often fact significant barriers just to receive an appropriate assessment for support from their local authority. Resorting to legal threats is a common occurrence just to receive minimal levels of support.

To access the full report visit the Children Society website.