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The Joseph Rowntree Foundation publishes its annual state of the nation poverty report, 04/12/2018 [W/E/S/N.I.]


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation published its annual state of the nation poverty report, examining changes in UK poverty rates, especially amongst children and workers.

The report shows that child poverty has been rising since 2011/12; 4.1 million children are living poverty in the UK, a rise of 500,000 in the last five years; four million workers are living in poverty; and in-work poverty has been rising faster than employment.

The report describes this rise, driven almost wholly by increasing poverty among working parents, as relentless. It notes “the need to act urgently to halt the rise in poverty among workers and their families, as well as among children in workless families.”

The report recommends that the solutions to poverty in the UK, can be found in reducing housing costs for renters, strengthening the social security system and having better-paid employment.

You can find out more and read the full report on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation website.