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Full Lives: Equal Access – A follow up report on wheelchair accessibility in schools in Wales, 17/05/18 [W]


The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has produced a report on wheelchair accessibility in secondary schools, following a previous spotlight report published in 2014.

The report highlights progress that has been made and good practice, but also says that the situation has not moved forward as much as the Commissioner would like.

The report advocates a children’s rights approach to this issue, making sure every child has full access to education and facilities and enabling them to make informed choices.

It also recommends that:

  • All local authorities should publish their accessibility strategies, and school accessibility plans should be available online
  • Staff in local authorities need to be aware of these documents, and training is recommended
  • Local authorities and schools should be consulting with children and their families on their need
  • The Welsh Government should publish its revised guidance on accessibility under the 21st Century Schools programme ahead the next academic year

You can download the report from the Children’s Commissioner’s website.