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Exploring Welsh food bank responses to period poverty


The Welsh Government Knowledge and Analytical services has carried out a piece of exploratory work looking at foodbank responses to period poverty.

The services distributed a survey to 48 foodbanks in Wales, made up of Trussell Trust and independent foodbanks. 28 foodbanks responded.

The survey examined experiences of feminine hygiene product provision from the perspective of volunteers and workers at the foodbanks.

The survey had three main aims: one, to explore the prevalence of period poverty from volunteer’s perspectives and find out what work was being done to address increased demand, if any. Aim two was to discover insight and best practice into supplying feminine hygiene products on the ground. Aim three was to gain greater understanding of period poverty in relation to foodbanks.

All of the foodbanks surveyed said they provided feminine hygiene products to customers, and 21 said they directly asked customers, male and female, whether they required the products. They recognised that some male customers sought products for others.

Demand was described as ‘high’ or ‘some’ by 21 of the foodbanks.

The full report is available here.