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Claiming after care: Care leavers and the benefits system


A report recently published by the Children’s Society details the financial difficulties faced by care leavers and the adverse situation that they face in the benefits system.

Children and young people in care, the report notes, face heightened challenges to becoming independent adults, and are likely to submit a claim to the social security system around their 18th birthday.

The report goes on to highlight the specific issues that care-leavers have faced using the benefits system and to create a profile of the financial situations they may face when claiming.

It notes that “although the cost of a mistake can be very high for a care leaver, the action needed to prevent many of the problems they encounter are quite simple.”

The report recommends more ‘joined-up interaction’ between JobCentre Plus and local authorities, increased understanding and additional support.

To read the report in full, please see here.