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Young Wales – Cymru Ifanc: Information for children and young people, 08/12/14 [W]

Children in Wales has recently started a new project with funding by the Welsh Government. This funding will enable us to:

  • Help children and young people have their voices and opinions heard by the Welsh Government
  • Support practitioners to listen to children and young people, and to involve them in their work
  • Assisting the government to make policy which reflects the views of children, young people and adults
  • Inform practitioners about Welsh Government policies, to improve how they work with children and young people

Participation is central to their project, and while we have a proven background as a children’s rights organisation, this funding will mean significant changes in how we work with children and young people.

Who we are
Children in Wales started in 1992 and became a membership charity for organisations and people who work with children and young people in Wales.  This includes teachers, youth workers, social services, doctors and youth organisations as well as peer led organisations.

Our main aim is to make children’s rights a reality in Wales and we run groups, campaigns and events to make this happen.  We work to ensure that all children and young people have a voice, and that they have services that support and benefit them.  In particular we work with groups who need more support including young disabled people, looked after children and young carers.

Our commitment to participation
Children in Wales led the original campaign to establish the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in Wales and was active in the creation of Funky Dragon with young people.  Staff of Children in Wales have been on the Management Boards of Funky Dragon and Voices from Care for many years.

Children in Wales was a member of the Participation Consortium, a group of organisations and charities working to promote and develop participation in Wales.  This included developing the National Participation Standards which told children and young people what they should expect from their services, and practitioners what they should provide.

Between 2006 and 2013 Children in Wales also developed the Participation Workers’ Network for Wales (PWNW).  The PWNW supported organisations to involve children and young people in their work through enabling people to share examples of what works.

Children in Wales also works directly with children and young people.  We coordinate Together for Rights (T4R), a group of disabled young people who meet up regularly to learn about their rights, supported young carers to design an animation on their support needs and worked with young people to design a report on how young people are portrayed in the media.  Details of this work is in the Participation section of our web site www.childreninwales.org.uk.

A reference group of young people will advise the project management board about how the project works.

Our plans so far

We will continue to lead forums and campaigns to gather the voices of practitioners, in order to inform and improve policy.  We will also develop events and training so that government policy leads to changes in service for the benefit of children and young people.

We will develop activities and projects with children and young people to include them throughout our work.  This will including developing young person friendly consultations, organising events and working with children and young people to design resources including leaflets, films and reports.  These reports will be young person friendly in design but with messages for the Welsh Government.

We will work with children, young people and adults to raise awareness of rights, and what children and young people should expect in order to have safe, healthy and positive lives.  This will include the right to participation and we will support organisations to share examples of good practice.

We will work with the National Assembly for Wales engagement team to promote the democratic engagement of children and young people.

Contact us
For more information about our work under the new funding please contact us at young.wales@childreninwales.org.uk or cymru.ifanc@plantyngnghymru.org.uk.

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