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Welsh Government releases new statutory guidance on school uniforms, 10/07/2019 [W]

The Welsh Government has published its new statutory guidance on school uniform policies.

The guidance will apply from 01 September 2019, Kirsty Williams AM, the Minister for Education, said in a statement.

The guidance is written for school governing bodies, who will have to take it into account when deciding on their school uniform and appearance policies.

The Minister said she expected governing bodies to take into account equality issues, how much policies might cost families and to consult widely with parents, pupils and other groups.

The guidance itself says that governing bodies should consult with their school councils and the pupil body of the school on their uniform policies, in accordance with children’s rights policies in Wales.

Governing bodies are told in the guidance to make sure they do not discriminate unlawfully on the “grounds of sex; gender reassignment; sexual orientation; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief and disability”. The guidance goes on to provide specific examples for governors to consider.

The guidance is available from the Welsh Government’s website.