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Welsh Government launches consultation on loneliness and social isolation, 22/10/2018 [W]

Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care, Huw Irranca-Davies AM, has launched a consultation on loneliness and social isolation. The aim is to begin a national conversation on how to tackle loneliness and social isolation in Wales.

The Welsh Government notes that 17% of the population, according to the National Survey for Wales 2016-17, are affected, with young people more likely to be lonely than older people.

There can be significant detriments to people’s health as a result of loneliness, and the Welsh Government says that this is already becoming a public health issue.

Premature death, sleep problems, high blood pressure, poor quality of life, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, depression and suicide are all noted as problems caused by loneliness and isolation.

The Welsh Government has a number of proposals to combat loneliness and isolation, with the focus on intervening early to prevent chronic loneliness. The five target areas are early years, housing, social care, mental health and skills and employability.

To read the Welsh Government’s announcement in greater detail, please visit the Welsh Government website. The consultation can be found here.