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Welsh Assembly Government Draft Budget, 17/11/10

Children in Wales has responded to the publication of the Welsh Assembly Government Draft Budget for 2011-12.

Catriona Williams, Chief Executive of Children in Wales said:

“We will be working on an analysis of this budget and to give evidence to the Assembly Children and Young People’s Committee about it next week.  The key things we are looking for are that the Assembly’s priority areas for children, such as the Child Poverty Strategy for Wales and its Delivery Plan are properly resourced and that the most vulnerable children still have the services that they need.  It is also essential that Welsh Assembly Government continues to invest in young children as this has indisputably been proven to save public purse money in preventing future high expenditure on a whole range of services such as health and social services.”

Key announcements include:

  • The budget for Wales next year is due to fall by £860m and by £1.8bn by 2014-15
  • School revenue funding for 2011-12 is cut by £21.1m (1.3%) but indicative budgets for future years present positive annual increases of £8.6m, (0.5%) and £23.3m (1.4%) for years 2012-13 and 2013-14 respectively
  • The continuing roll out of the pioneering Foundation Phase for 3 to 7 year olds will be supported through additional funding over three years from 2011 – 12
  • Flying Start and Cymorth will receive indicative funding increases from 2012 – 13
  • The local government general revenue grant funding will be reduced by 1.7% next year, 3.6% in real terms
  • Total health spending is cut by 7.6% in real terms
  • The capital budget for NHS cut from £283.3m this year to £205.2m in 2013-14
  • Revenue funding for social services delivered by local government will rise from £1.056bn to £1.08bn by 2013-14

Further information is available on the Welsh Assembly Government website.