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Vetting & Barring Scheme delivery announced, 19/03/09 [W/E/NI]

The UK Government has announced the timetable for the roll-out of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) vetting and barring scheme. The scheme will coverapproximately 750,000 people in Wales who work or volunteer, or seek to work or volunteer, with children or vulnerable adults.

From 12 October 2009:

  • Two new ISA barred lists will be created
  • Access to these new ISA lists will be available on request as part of an Enhanced CRB check.
  • Eligibility for Enhanced CRB checks will expand to include more employment and voluntary positions.
  • Standard CRB checks will no longer be available for those working with children or the vulnerable. 

From July 2010:

  • Individuals will be able via Registered/Umbrella Bodies, to apply to the CRB for ISA-registration if they are applying to work with children and/or vulnerable adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
  • Employers will be able to express an interest in a person’s ISA-registration and informed of any changes to that person’s ISA-registration status.
  • The CRB will introduce a new application form to allow applications for ISA-registration and CRB checks to be made on the same form.

From November 2010:

  • It will be a legal requirement for individuals to register with the ISA if they intend to work or currently work with children and/or vulnerable adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Further information on the scheme is available on the Independent Safeguarding Authority website.