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UK civil society to produce join Torture Review shadow report, 24/09/2018 [W]

REDRESS is working with human rights organisations in the UK, including Children in Wales, Children’s Rights Alliance England, Disability Rights UK, Liberty, and Freedom From Torture to prepare a shadow report for the UK Torture Review.

In April 2019, the UN Committee against Torture will review the UK’s measures as part of its sixth periodic review. Having ratified the CAT, the UK is required to report every four years on its progress towards implementing the treaty.

The shadow report will provide an alternative, fact-based view of the measures taken by the UK to implement its obligations.

The report will cover, amongst other things; prisons, policing and intelligence services; health and social care and asylum and migration. Along with further topic groupings, children’s rights and disability rights are included across one or more of the groupings.

There is a call for written evidence and the deadline is Friday 2 November 2018.

There will also be in-person consultation events across England and Wales. Children in Wales is glad to be able host the Wales event at our Cardiff offices on 18 October 2018.

REDRESS is also launching a new Guide to the Convention against Torture. The Guide raises awareness of the issues covered under the Convention and highlights opportunities for civil society and others on how to use the Convention effectively to put pressure on governments to comply with their obligations.

For more information on the review and to book places on one of the consultation events, please visit the REDRESS website.