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Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 intimate piercings of under 18s comes into force [W] 01/02/2018

The Public Health (Wales) Act 2017 came into force on the 01 February 2018 and makes the intimate piercing of people under the age of 18 an offence, as well as making arrangements to perform an intimate piercing on someone under 18.

The aim of the law is to prevent the complications and harm to health that can arise because of piercing too young.

A study in England has shown, the Welsh Government says, that there is a higher incidence of complications in intimate piercings done at a young age. Complications can also be caused as young bodies grow and develop.

Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr. Frank Atherton, also raised issues of child protection and safeguarding. Undergoing an intimate piercing procedure under the age of 18 may place a young person in a vulnerable position.

To read more from the Chief Medical Officer, and the Chief Dental Officer, visit the Welsh Government website here.