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Proposed Carers Strategies (Wales) Measure, 25/01/2010 [W]

The proposed Carers Strategies (Wales) Measure was published on 25 January 2010. It makes provisions relating to the information provided to carers and ensures that carers are consulted about the provision of services to those they care for.  Provisions in the Measure include:

  • A duty on the NHS and local authorities in Wales to work jointly and in consultation with carers and their representatives, to prepare and publish a strategy setting out how they will work together to provide information and advice to carers;  
  • A duty to consult carers about the provision of services to carers or the person they care for;
  • A requirement placed on the NHS and local authorities to implement the strategy and to provide information and advice to carers free of charge; and,
  • The designation of an NHS organisation as the lead authority for overseeing the  preparation and publication of  each strategy.

The press release issued by the Welsh Assembly Government  explains that: “Whilst the proposed Measure covers young carers, it does not address the issue of young carers carrying  an inappropriate burden of care.   This  endorses  the views received from  the  Carers Measure Stakeholder Advisory Group  that young carers are children first and that their particular needs would be more appropriately addressed  through  the Assembly Government’s Children and Families Measure and  its policies to address child poverty and through the Children and Young Persons Strategies.”

More information is available in the Assembly’s press release

Progress of the Measure can be viewed on the National Assembly for Wales website