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Plan to change name of National Assembly announced, 13/06/17 [W]

The National Assembly Commission, the body responsible for the staff, property and services that support the Assembly Members, has set out plans for changing the name of the National Assembly for Wales.

The plans come after a consultation on the name and perception of the Assembly was released. The consultation asked whether the respondents understood the role of the National Assembly for Wales well, whether they thought that a name was important in conveying an organisation’s purpose and what they thought was the best name of several options. 60% of respondents said that the role of the Assembly was not understood, and 80% of respondents thought that the name of an institution is important to explain what it does.

As a result, the new name, which respondents felt was best represented the role and responsibilities of the National Assembly for Wales, was ‘Welsh Parliament’. It was less clear what name the representatives of the new ‘Welsh Parliament’ should take, with respondents favouring ‘Member of the Welsh Parliament’ or ‘Member of the Senedd’. The National Commission, however, has proposed to call the representatives ‘Welsh Parliament Members’ to match the format of their current name, Assembly Members.

To read the statement by Llywydd Elin Jones AM, or to read the responses to the consultation in full, please visit the National Assembly website, here.