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The phased introduction of Personalised Assessments, 08/01/201 [W]

On 08 January 2019, Kirsty Williams AM, the Minister for Education, made a statement in Plenary introducing Personalised Assessments. You can read the Minister’s statement here.

Ahead of the Plenary statement, the National Assembly for Wales Research Service published an article on personalised assessments to inform Assembly Member’s preparations for the statement.

Currently pupils in Years 2 to 9 take three national tests – Reading, Numeracy (Procedural) and Numeracy (Reasoning). In 2018/19 Numeracy (Procedural) will move to a personalised online version, followed by Reading in 2019/20 and Numeracy (Reasoning) in 2020/21.

The rationale behind changing this testing is to move from summative assessment to formative assessment; instead of summarising the outcome of the pupil’s learning to that point, the assessment should form a basis for planning their ongoing education.

It is hoped that this testing will give teachers a better picture of how to address each learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

The full article can be found on the Research Service’s blog here.