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NDNA survey shows financial challenges for Welsh nurseries, 12/10/12 [W]

A survey by the National Day Nurseries Association has shown that a significant proportion of nurseries in Wales are facing increasing financial challenges, with difficulties accessing local authority funding for part-time free places and declining occupancy rates.

NDNA Cymru undertook the Business Performance Survey in May and June 2012. It showed that one of the biggest concerns for nurseries in Wales involved funding for part-time places for 3-year olds during the Foundation Phase. Only 52% of nurseries surveyed were funded to provide these places. Along with the economic downturn causing lower occupancy of nurseries, this is posing challenges to the sector, with only 38% expecting to make a profit this year.

NDNA Cymru is asking local authorities to support nurseries to deliver the Foundation Phase, and aims to highlight these issues with the Welsh Government.

The full Business Performance Survey Wales can be read at www.ndna.org.uk/insight-wales