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National Behaviour and Attendance Review Report, 15/05/08 [W]

Much earlier intervention is needed to tackle truancy and poor behaviour in schools in Wales, according to the report by the National Behaviour and Attendance Review.

The review was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government in order to collect and review good practice in tackling attendance and behaviour issues and produce recommendations to take this work forward.

The review found that:

  • There is a clear link between low literacy and behavioural and attendance problems
  • A large number of professionals feel under-trained in handling attendance and behavioural problems
  • There are too many ‘unofficial exclusions’ from certain schools and a wide variation in the way the rules are applied
  • The number of pupils out of school is not properly monitored
  • Children should be listened too more closely on these issues
  • All secondary schools needed a named professional to lead on these issues

The study involved interviews with 149 pupils aged seven to 19 and questionnaires answered by 670 parents.

Further information is available from the National Behaviour and Attendance Review website.