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Impact of the Queen’s Speech in Wales, 03/12/08, [W/E/S/NI]

The Queen’s Speech outlining the bills for the new session of Parliament was made on 3 December 2008.

Bills of particular relevance to children and young People in Wales include:

Borders, Immigration and Citizenship Bill – The Bill will replace all existing immigration legislation and aims to simplify the management of migration, border control, and the path to UK citizenship. It will bring in a new duty on the UK Border Agency to recognise the need to safeguard children’s welfare. Applies to the whole UK.

Child Poverty Bill – Enshrines in law the commitment to eradicate child poverty by 2020

Equality Bill – The legislation will consolidate nine existing equality laws into one.

Policing and Crime Bill – Promises tighter controls around the misuse of alcohol. The bill also says it will strengthen sex offender prevention orders and foreign travel orders.

Saving Gateway Accounts Bill – The Bill is aimed at getting people on lower incomes to save more. The government will contribute 50 pence for every one pound saved – with savers able to build up government contributions of up to £300.

Welfare Reform Bill  – The Bill aims to create greater incentives for people to move from benefits into work and consequences for those who do not. It also aims to strengthen requirements of non-resident parents to contribute to their children’s upbringing and to modernise and simplify the benefits system, and to provide more employment choices for people with disabilities.

To view a transcript of the speech please see Parliament’s website.