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How well does the NHS in Wales Commission and Provide Specialist Learning Disability Services for Young People and Adults?, 12/12/07 [W]

The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales have published their findings from their All Wales Review on Specialist Learning Disability Services.

According to the report, support for people with learning disabilities in Wales is fragmented leaving some living far away from their families. The review also found major gaps in the system, especially at school leaving age.

The review highlighted that:

“The quality and depth of activities necessary for supporting people to reach their maximum potential differs considerably throughout Wales and we identified ‘institutionalised comfort’ wherein people are well cared for in terms of fundamentals but lack stimulation. There is also a clear lack of investment in speech and language therapy (SaLT) which is key to helping people communicate better and in advocacy services, which help protect against vulnerability.”

27 recommendations are made in the report, which can be downloaded here.