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Home Office issues new measures to stop gun and knife violence, 28/09/07 [W/E]

A range of new powers to tackle gun and knife crime have been introduced. The new provisions increase the age from which young people can purchase items that could be used as weapons.

Key changes include:

  • making it illegal to manufacture, import or sell realistic imitation guns
  • making it illegal to sell an imitation gun or a knife or an air rifle to anyone younger than 18 years old
  • making it an offence to modify an imitation gun to make it realistic or convertible into a real firearm
  • doubling the maximum sentence for carrying an imitation gun in public, to a year’s imprisonment
  • allowing air rifles to be sold only by registered firearms dealers
  • police can now apply for a fast-track review of an alcohol licence if they feel a venue is associated with serious crime and disorder, and they can impose immediate conditions on the licence holder while the review is underway
  • making it illegal to sell a crossbow to anyone under 18 years old

Further information can be found on the press release issued by the Home Office.