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Help at Hand Toolkit / Pecyn Cymorth Help wrth Law, 21/04/08 [W]

‘Sdim Curo Plant / Children are Unbeatable have announced that the Help at Hand tookit has gone live.

It is available at: www.helpathandtoolkit.info

The Help at Hand Toolkit is a web resource providing materials to:

  • increase the number of people who actively support a change in the law on smacking in the UK
  • reduce the incidence of physical punishment of children
  • reduce the number of people who find the physical punishment of children acceptable

It includes:

  • Resources
  • Activities
  • Info sheets
  • Links

The Help at Hand Handbook, a hard copy companion to the toolkit, is available as a download from the website, as Resource 50. Copies of the handbook, and postcards advertising the web site, are also available from Children in Wales.