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Health and Homelessness Standards, 30/01/08 [W]

Consultation ends 21/04/08

The Welsh Assembly Government is consulting on the Health and Homelessness Standards.

The Standards will inform the development of the Homeless and Vulnerable Groups Health Action Plans (HaVGHAP) which plan to ensure that the health needs of all ages of homeless people and specific vulnerable groups are addressed.

Summary of Standards

  • Standard 1 ensures that the lead for the HaVGHAP is at Director level of the LHB with the support of the LA lead housing officer to enable the development of the HaVGHAP and joint working at a strategic level.
  • Standard 2 focuses on the partnership approach between the LHB, LA and relevant agencies necessary to develop the HaVGHAP and address the health and homelessness agenda.
  • Standard 3 addresses the need for accurate local information and data so that a baseline is established from which to develop the HaVGHAP and against which future health gains may be demonstrated.
  • Standard 4 focuses on improving access to and uptake of health services through the use of targeted outreach practitioners.
  • Standard 5 covers the development of the HaVGHAP.

The consultation document is available to download from the Welsh Assembly Government website.